Yael’s Words Of Wisdom

Yael wanted to share how much she loved her friends. She then decided she would give them a little bit of advice. Good advice for her fellow kindergarten friends.

2 thoughts on “Yael’s Words Of Wisdom

  1. You are very lucky to have special friends. I’m sure they will be pleased to hear you mention them on your blog post. Something tells me they love you too!
    Your advice concerning lice is excellent. Lice is difficult to get rid of and definitely not something you want to pass on to a friend!
    Can you tell me more about your colourful picture?

  2. Yael, I think this is great advice to all children at school! I think I will play it for my students so that they can hear it too. Lice are pesky little things.
    Can’t wait to listen to your next blog post!

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