My Minecraft Creation

Please help me learn more about Minecraft. I have questions at the end of my video that I would like help with.

Hugs and Kisses!


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  1. Wow!! You have the best imagination, Yael! I wish I knew more about mindcraft to help answer your questions.
    I love your story about steve – thanks for sharing!

  2. To get sharks you need to get a mod called “MoCreatures”. It has many other animals as well. To get a fish it depends on what kind of Minecraft you are using first. You need to have Minecraft PC Edition. Next when you log into Minecraft 1.8 you go into your world and use a horse spawn egg. To get a fishing rod in survival you have to craft it. If you’re in creative just go to your inventory and look up fishing rod and it should be the top item that comes up.

  3. Hi Yael,
    I am not a Minecraft expert, but my two daughters are very proficient at Minecraft Pocket Edition. That is the version you use to play on an iPad. They say you can’t get sharks, horses, or fishing poles on Minecraft Pocket Edition. So if you are using PE then those options are not available. Try using Minecraft PC.

    My daughter, Page, wants to know if you have seen a pink sheep? If so, those are very rare. She has one on her Minecraft farm.

    You want to know something cool Page did? She recreated the town in the book Little House on the Prairie. She had Ma and Pa’s house and the schoolhouse.

    Thanks for sharing your Minecraft world with us!
    Jo-Ann Fox

  4. What an amazing job! I learned so much from you! Thank you for teaching me! I will research how to get sharks. You totally made my day! Keep up the really good work of teaching and helping others! You rock!

  5. Yael,

    What a great video… you have so many great ideas. I love the bed under the waterfall. What a great place to sleep. I am going to try and find a way for you to make a shark. We will talk soon. Great job!

  6. Yael, what a fabulous video! I see you’ve learned how to find fishing rods, sharks and horses! I can’t wait to see your next creation when you use all of those too! Please let us know when you make it :)!

  7. I’m so excited to see you blogging about Minecraft. My third graders love it too. We have been designing communities in our version. I also have an after school club where different grade levels work together to meet challenges. Your video has inspired me to have my students blog about their experiences in Minecraft! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Great job with your video / blog. You already know much more than I do about Minecraft. I appreciate your sharing. To help you on your learning journey, here are two resources to check out:

    1. 10 channels on Youtube to help with Minecraft –
    2. Beginner tutorials with Minecraft –

    T. D’Amico (Ottawa, Canada)

  9. Fantastic! I run a minecraft “club” on Mondays (Minecraft Mondays) at a middle school and plan to show this tutorial at our next meeting. Excellent job! I look forward to your next tutorial!

  10. Yael,
    I was a first grade teacher for many years! I am so impressed with your Minecraft knowledge, but most of all, that you are already learning to blog to search out knowledge. Looks like you have received your answers here. Now we want to see how you use it to improve your project on Minecraft!

  11. Yael,
    Saba and I are soooo proud of you!!!
    We love the way you blogged.
    Now you inspired us to research Mindcraft we will use
    Also when I will come over, maybe you’ll spend some times teaching you Savtah to doondcraft!!
    We are proud of you ,
    Love you Saba & Savtah

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