Yael’s Minecraft Toy Store Creation

Please help me share with all teachers. I want to learn with Minecraft in school.

hugs and kisses,


3 thoughts on “Yael’s Minecraft Toy Store Creation

  1. OMG, Yael, thank you for sharing your creation!!
    I enjoyed listening to your description of your toy store!!!you had some really interesting items in the store. The colourful flowers gave the store a warm and happy feel.
    I would of liked to shop in a store just like the one you have created. I love your imagination!!! continue to use mindcraft, and thank you for sharing.
    Kisses and hugs Savtah.

  2. Yael:

    Love your creation: Could you explain, how I could build,
    and make my own creation, what would it take, is there a
    program that I would need. If so, would you teach me how?
    For a 7 year old , you amaze me,so. Love, how you go into details. Lots of Love & lots of Hugs, & kisses,


    Sandra D.

  3. Yael,
    What a fantastic store. I can’t wait to see what you make next. Do you plan on making the store bigger or on building something else in the area?
    Natasha 🙂

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