Yael’s Words Of Wisdom

Yael wanted to share how much she loved her friends. She then decided she would give them a little bit of advice. Good advice for her fellow kindergarten friends.

Yael’s post on Monday, March 24, 2014

Lego Stop Frame Animation

For my birthday I got a Lego set that I put together. I got really good at it. My mommy and I made this movie called “stop police!” using istopframe animation.

Yael’s post on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The words I learned about Winter sports in French!

Faire un fort, jouer au hockey, marcher au raquettes, glisser en traineau, faire la peche sur la glace, faire de la motoneige, faire du ski, patiner, lancer des boules de neige, faire un bonhomme de neige

Ma sport d’hiver prefere est glisser en traineau.

This is un bonhomme de neige I made and talk about here!

Ma famille

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Ma famille

Je suis belle, je m’appelle Yael. Mon papa est special, Il s’apelle Papa. Ma maman est douce, elle s’appelle Mama. Mon frere est coquin, Il s’appelle Petite . Ma chienne est gentille, elle s’appelle Woof.